Tentative Program

The Tenth Annual North America Basic Income Guarantee Congress


February 25 – 27, 2010

Sheraton New York Hotel

811 Seventh Avenue at 53rd Street., New York, NY


Thursday, February 24, 2010:

No formal events: an informal social meeting spot will be announced later.


Friday, February 25, 2010


NA-BIG SESSION 1: Opening Speakers

Moderator: Michael Howard

Michael Howard, Welcome and Introduction

Alfredo L. de RomaĖa, the University of Paris I (the Sorbonne), “The ‘Political Graduation’ of Basic Income Entitlement Schemes: Sharing Nature, or the economic equivalent of a piece of land for every citizen”




NA-BIG SESSION 2. The Political Economy of Income Support, Part 1

Moderator: Dorothee Schulte-Basta

Seán Healy and Brigid Reynolds, “Ireland: Basic Income and the new Charter on Shared Social Responsibility

Jenna van Draanen “The Political Potential for Income Inequality Policy Change in Canada”

Micheal Collins and Charles ClarkModelling a Basic Income for Lesotho”




NA-BIG SESSION 3. The Political Economy of Income Support, Part 2

Moderator: Jason Burke Murphy

Andrea Vick, Ernie Lightman, & Andrew Mitchell, “Exploring Disability and Income Security: The (In)Significance of a Basic Income”

Yannick Vanderborght, “Social Europe and Minimum Income Schemes: Recent trends in anti-poverty policies within the European Union”

Ingrid Van Niekirk, “Review of Social Assistance Programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa”


Lunch Break: (the EEA will have sessions, 1:15-2:45; this break is an opportunity to attend one of those sessions or to take lunch).


NA-BIG SESSION 4. The Political Economy of Income Support, Part 3

Moderator: Ernie Lightman

Jason Burke Murphy, “Little BIGs and Near BIGs – How can we assess less than perfect programs? How should we respond?”

Buford Farris, “Politics as Personal and Local: Reflections from Bastrop, Texas”

Dorothee Schulte-Basta, “The Closer It Gets - Boon and Bane of a Highly Sophisticated Debate on Basic Income”




NA-BIG SESSION 5: Featured Speakers

Moderator: Al Sheahen

4:45-5:35: Ovide Mercredi, Chief, Misipawistik Cree Nation, Former National Chief, Assembly of First Nations (Canada), “Paths to Economic Security for Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island”

5:40-6:30: Rob Rainer, Executive Director, Canada Without Poverty, “Anti-Poverty Strategies and Guaranteed Income: Reflections from Canada”

Details of a social event after the last session will be announced at the conference


Saturday, February 26, 2010


NA-BIG SESSION 6: The Financial Cost of Eliminating Poverty

Moderator: Gary Flomenhoff

Micheal Collins and Robert Ryan, “Costing the Elimination of Poverty in Ireland: An economist’s empirical exercise”

Chandra Pasma, “Punishing Costs: Budget Priorities and Guaranteed Income”




NA-BIG SESSION 7: Exporting the Alaska Model: Can the Resource-Dividend Work Elsewhere? Part 1

Moderator: Jim Bryan

Almaz Zelleke, “Basic Income and the Alaska Model”

Angela Cummine, “‘A Citizens’ Stake in Sovereign Wealth: distribution options for a nation’s capital”

Michael A. Lewis, “Risk And The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend”




NA-BIG SESSION 8: Exporting the Alaska Model: Can the Resource-Dividend Work Elsewhere? Part 2

Moderator: Karl Widerquist

John Murney & James P. Mulvale, “Resource Revenues as a Source of Basic Income: Canadian Possibilities”

Michael W. Howard, “A Cap on Carbon and a Basic Income: A Defensible Combination in the U.S.?”

Gary Flomenhoff, “Creating sovereign wealth in a state with no resource wealth-The Case of Vermont”


Lunch break


NA-BIG SESSION 9: Exporting the Alaska Model: Can the Resource-Dividend Work Elsewhere? Part 3

Moderator: Michael Howard

Alanna Hartzok, “A Global Resource Agency: can the Alaska model be applied on multinational or worldwide basis?”

Jim Bryan and Sarah Lamarche, “The Political Requirements of a Resource-Based Basic Income Guarantee: Lessons from Alaska”

Karl Widerquist, “Lessons from the Alaska Model”




NA-BIG SESSION 10: Libertarianism and Basic Income

Moderator: TBA

Daniel D. Moseley, “Left-Libertarianism and Basic Income.”

Daniel Layman, “Why There is No Lockean Right to a Basic Income”

Nic Tideman, “The Morality and Justice of Redistributive Measures”


NA-BIG SESSION 11: Plenary Session: Left and Right Views on the Basic Income Guarantee

Moderator: Almaz Zelleke

Charles Murray, the American Enterprise Institute

Stanley Aronowitz, the City University of New York

Details of a social event after the last session will be announced at the conference


Sunday, February 27, 2010


NA-BIG SESSION 12: Creating an Equitable Economic System

Moderator: Dan O’Sullivan

Susmita Barua, “A Global Citizen’s Manifesto: Basic Income as Basic Human Right”

Christian Roy, “Releasing the Spirit of the Gift from the Spell of Credit: Arnaud Dandieu’s Anti-Utilitarian Anthropological Model for Basic Income”

Jeff Smith, “Land Equity: Public or private?”




NA-BIG SESSION 13 Featured Speaker

Moderator: Eri Noguchi

Senator Eduardo Suplicy, The Brazilian Federal Senate




NA-BIG SESSION 14: Basic Income and the Global Recession

Moderator: Micheal Collin

Kelly Ernst and Gillian Steward, “Clues to Deepening Disparity: Continuing Impacts and Implications of the Economic Meltdown on Immigrants and Students”

Dan O’Sullivan, “Jobs or Income Now”

Charles M. A. Clark, “Basic Income as a way out of the Great Recession”


Lunch break


Organizational meetings of NA-BIG’s supporting networks:

USBIG organizational meeting

Moderator: Michael Howard

BI-RG Canada organizational meeting

Moderator: Jim Mulvale

After the last meeting, everyone is invited to reconvene in the hotel bar.